fast top + cooled dispenser stand - ماكينه عصير برتقال توب سلف مع مبرد zumoval

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Our objective is to serve the market with the best, strongest and most efficient juicer machines in the world. In order to obtain this, we make the best quality juicer machines and created the PR (premium quality) logo, which means that our machines are made with the highest precision and from the best quality.

Zumoval is the only manufacturer in the world that equips it´s automatic orange juicers machines with a 0.75 hp motor allowing our machines to squeeze any type of citrus fruits and pomegranates. Additionally, our machines are equiped with gears of steel. As a result, Zumoval automatic juicers are the strongest, most reliable and most durable citrus juicers on the market.

ماكينة عصير برتقال توب سيلف

تلقيم تلقائي سريع يصل الى 28 حبة مع عدد 2 سلة بقايا الحبة

تنتج من 60 الى 120 لتر عصير صافي

تتميز بوجود مبرد لحفظ العصير بارد

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